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Floor coating for goat farming

Looking for coating for goat farming, for use in the feed alley or the milking parlour for example? We have a lot of experience with farming and the agricultural sector in general. We know what you need on your goat farm. We ensure that you can use the business space sustainably and make it faster and easier to maintain. This improves the quality of your production and reduces work pressure. We guarantee a high mechanical and chemical use, which is ideal for your company.

years of experience

We have years of experience with coated floors for goat farms throughout Europe. This means that we can help you with our products that are especially suitable for goat farms. We know the requirements that are set for the agricultural sector, so that we know what you need to consider.

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For the feed alley and the milking parlour

Is it within your farm to supply the feeding alley or the milking parlor that you want to provide with coating? We can also provide an non-slip floor, in order to be able to work safely. A pleasant side effect, while at the same time ensuring that you meet the strict guidelines. With a liquidproof floor, which is easy to keep perfectly clean. Maximum hygiene, while spending as little time as possible. We use synthetic coating systems and are happy to advise you on synthetic skirting boards ( We would like to show you what we have done for other (goat) farms. They benefit from the highest possible quality and can count on a better economic result since the procedure. Perhaps start with the feed alley troughs to improve feed intake and icrease the milk yield.

Feeding trough renovation

Coating your feeding troughs will contribute to a higher economic result, increased feed intake means a higher milk yield. Mesa Coatings can carry out a unique feed alley renovation for professional goat farms. This renovation is usually completed within 1 day. An additional advantage is that we do not have to clean with water so that the animals can remain in the barn. Would you like more information about our vision and solutions regarding Conscious feeding? Please contact us with no obligation.

Advantages of our coatings for farms

We are happy to outline the benefits of coatings for goat farms. Like we do for other companies, we rely on our broad experience with agricultural companies. We know the strict guidelines you have to observe and know what you are dealing with in daily practice. Our solutions help you work more efficiently and monitor hygiene in an excellent way. Two important benefits, with which you can get more done in less time. Based on sustainable products with a long lifespan, so you no longer have to worry.

Feed alley renovation: contact us

Ready for a feed alley renovation or interest in coatings for your goat farm? In most cases we can finish it in one day. And we ensure that the animals can preferably stay in the barn, so that you will experience the least possible inconvenience. Want to know more about the possibilities or about our experiences at other farms? Contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

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Mesa-Coatings B.V. is the expert in the field of coating floors and walls. Thanks to years of experience, we can offer you the right coating solution. These solutions vary from a complete coating floor in a warehouse or industrial hall to a feed trough coating in the agricultural sector. Leave your details and wishes and we will send you a suitable offer as soon as possible.

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