Sustainable coatings for the metal industry?

Heavy Duty proof, suitable for large machines and daily use.

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Coatings for the metal industry

Want to use our coatings for the metal industry? Excellent resistance to heavy loads with large machines, whereas a regular cement screed will show wear over time or even show defects.

Prevent cracks and damage

Without a quality floor such as our coating systems, you may have to deal with cracks and other damage, which may prevent you from continuing to carry out the work or will cause you to no longer meet the strict requirements. We help you to prevent delays that can occur with coatings for the metal industry. Avoid dangerous situations for your staff and maintain the continuity of your organisation. We offer a high-quality coated floor, especially suitable for the metal industry. You will be choosing a quality floor with high quality properties, so you will be making an excellent choice for your organisation.

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Coatings in the metal industry
Coatings for the metal industry

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Non-slip and easy to keep clean

Our coatings for the metal industry offers several interesting properties. Would you like a non-slip finish, for example? We ensure that work can be carried out much safer in your company, than on a standard floor. Limit the risk of slipping and ensure the continuity of the work.

Easy to keep clean

At the same time, we provide a floor that is much easier to keep clean. 100% smooth and flat, so it’s ideal for machine cleaning. The ideal choice within the industry, with a floor that is suitable for heavy loads with large machines. For daily use, without any significant wear on the coating systems. We provide a synthetic floor of the highest possible quality, which we can tell you more about in advance. Tailored to your specific usage, like the coating we install for computer rooms. We understand what you need to consider for day to day use, so we will be able to advise you on a coating for the metal industry.

Renovation project?

Are you already using another factory floor and do you want to renovate it? We prevent the work from coming to a standstill for too long. We can take care of repairs or install a new floor if that suits you best. And the floor can be used as normal, within one day, without loss of quality. We ensure professional and quick repairs or we apply a high-quality coating for the concrete floor in a short time. Coating systems for the

metal industry

Would you like to know more about our coating systems for the metal industry? Our specialists will gladly tell you more about the coatings we apply and the unique properties that we provide for them. Tailored to the heavy load of large machines and other daily use within your organisation. Do you have specific questions or do you want to know more about the coatings for the metal industry? Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about it.