Acrylic wall coating: maintenance-friendly and durable

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Acrylic wall coating: maintenance-friendly and durable

MesaCryl is our acrylic wall coating: one of our latest developments. Also known as PMMA, based on a high-grade plastic that we use to produce floor and wall coatings.
The big difference between an acrylic wall coating and an epoxy-based coating is that we do not need to heat the room before and afterwards. The application of the coating is therefore much easier and more user-friendly. So that you can start using it soon afterwards. Or to apply the coating properly even in cold months.

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Seamless and quick to use

The use of an acrylic wall coating offers a number of important advantages. The coating can be applied entirely seamless, just like epoxy coatings. That means it’s a hygienic choice, without having to worry about maintenance so much. There are no seams or cracks, so dirt or liquid can’t accumulate there. Instead, it is easy to keep the wall clean, just like when you use a coating on the floor.

In addition, the acrylic wall coating that we can apply has a short curing time. As a result, the coating dries quickly, so you can clean the wall immediately and start using it. This prevents production from being idle for a long time, which means no valuable time is lost. We apply the coating to the wall and you can quickly continue as normal.

Our acrylic wall coating, like the epoxy coating, is completely water and liquidproof. And you can count on a high mechanical and chemical resistance. That means a maintenance-friendly and sustainable business space, which you can use for years without problems.

Any additional benefits? Acrylic for wall coating is an elastic agent. We can even apply a special gel with an elasticity of 340%. This means that cracks don’t get a chance, because the coating ‘moves’ with the substrate. No more problems with cracks, while at the same time you opt for an extremely hygienic and durable solution with good chemical and mechanical resistance.

Different applications of our acrylic wall coating

It is not surprising that there are all kinds of uses for the acrylic wall coating. We have listed a few for you. You can apply the acrylic base wall coating in the:

castfloor for the industry


For example in warehouses of DYI stores, for easy cleaning.
castfloor for the foodsector

Food sector

Suitable for industrial kitchens, the butcher’s shop, fish processing and of course the cold- and cold-stores
Self-leveling floors for the automotive sector


Completely waterproof, an ideal choice for both the workshop and a car wash.

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