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Wide range of quality synthetic floors
for every industry in the entire Benelux.


Discover our coatings for car washes, workshops, petrol stations and showrooms.

Hygienic floors for all food companies, such as butchers, bakeries and production.


Sleek and safe floors for warehouses, industrial halls and metalworking.

Catering industry

Modern floors for restaurants, ice cream parlors, cafes and professional kitchens.

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Do you need a sustainable floor coating for your company?

Mesa Coatings supplies durable coating systems such as trowel floors, epoxy cast floors and synthetic skirting boards. Due to the various options, we can offer specific solutions for various sectors. For example, in the food sector we have specific floor and wall solutions that meet the strict requirements in this sector. Do you need a quality floor for a commercial building, a sustainable warehouse floor or perhaps a very specific floor for a car wash: Mesa Coatings has the solution.

Suitable for any commercial floor

In short, our floor systems are ideal for your company and suitable for a wide range of applications. We have a suitable solution for every industry. We help you make the choice for the floor or wall coating that you can use for years to come.

Need expert advice?

With many years of experience and a broad portfolio of successful projects, we can say that we have an expert status in the field of industrial floors. Would you like advice on the possibilities of sustainable coatings for your company? Leave your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Discover our coatings for car washes, workshops, service stations, garages and showrooms



Hygienic floors for all food companies, such as butchers, bakeries and production.


Sleek and safe floors for warehouses, industrial halls and metalworking.

Catering industry

Modern floors for restaurants, ice cream parlors, cafes and professional kitchens.

Floor coating, cast floor or epoxy floor

Every business environment has different requirements for a floor. Which floor is suitable for your business depends on many factors. Are you looking for a floor coating? Then make the right choice immediately and let our specialists advise you. They know everything about:

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Types of flooring systems

The most common flooring systems are the coated floor, cast floor and trowel floor, which you can see below. For detailed information, contact Indufast.

Coated floor

Floor coating

The floor coating has become popular dbecause it is hard-wearing and liquidproof. Floor coating can be applied in various colours.

More about floor coating

Casting floor agricultural sector

Cast floor

Gietvloeren zijn dikker dan coatingvloeren en zijn o.a. vloeistofdicht, chemisch bestendig en zeer mechanisch belastbaar. Gietvloeren hebben een prachtige uitstraling, worden glad afgewerkt en zijn zeer onderhoudsarm.

More about cast floors

Trowel floor

Trowel floor

Trowel floors are suitable for heavy loads and are often used in industry. The floor meets all HACCP requirements, is very wear-resistant and has a beautiful appearance.

More about trowel floors

Cast floor to your requirements

A company often has many requirements about the right substrate. Comfort, durability, appearance, safety, hygiene. We are happy to make a proposal for a cast floor for your company that meets your requirements. If you are not yet sure whether it should be an epoxy floor or trowel floor, we will give you advice about this.

Invest in the right floor coating for your business model

The right floor is an important choice. Safety, comfort and easy to clean are demands that we often hear. There are different requirements for every industry and we find the right floor coating for that. Our clientele consists of all possible sectors: Agricultural: poultry, cattle, pig and goat farmers, Automotive: showrooms, garages, workshops and car washes, Industry: warehouses, metal workers and petrochemical companies, Food: bakeries, butchers and professional kitchens, Retail : shops, including office spaces, washrooms and canteens.

The right floor coating for every situation

Choosing the right floor coating can sometimes be very difficult. This depends on the substrate and the requirements that the floor coating must meet. There are the traditional coating systems for floors and walls, but also very specific coatings for, for example, the agricultural sector. Think of plastic feed troughs, slatted coatings in a piglet barn or extra hygienic coatings in the milking parlor. We also have specific solutions for other sectors. View all industries for which we supply coating systems.

Coated floor company
Coated floor in all RAL colours
heavy duty

Heavy duty

Suitable for heavy loads

heavy duty


Anti-slip top layer is possible

heavy duty

Liquid proof

Resistant to liquids

heavy duty

Chemically resistant

Resistant to chemical substances

heavy duty


Less bacteria build-up

heavy duty

Heat resistant

Resistant to e.g. hot liquids

heavy duty

UV resistant

No discoloration by UV radiation

heavy duty

Quickly installed

Taxable within a few hours

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Mesa-Coatings B.V. is the expert in the field of coating floors and walls. Thanks to years of experience, we can offer you the right coating solution. These solutions vary from a complete coating floor in a warehouse or industrial hall to a feed trough coating in the agricultural sector. Leave your details and wishes and we will send you a suitable offer as soon as possible.

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