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Are you thinking about installing a new floor in your company? Consider a cast floor. This is a practical, cost-effective floor that is also very easy to clean and maintain. In addition, a cast floor is very durable, which means that you will enjoy it for a very long time, provided it has been installed correctly.

Various Cast floors

Cast floors are in principle suitable for almost any type of commercial floor. There are different types of cast floors. The three most common types are cement-based, epoxy and polyurethane (or PU) cast floor. The floors can be applied in different layers and as a result there is not one fixed standard cast floor of Epoxy or PU, but many variations are available. Depending on your requirements of the floor, we will advise and create the right floor.

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Mesa Coatings cast floor

You can come to Mesa Coatings for a high-quality, strong and durable cast floor, consisting of the material epoxy. The floor is made up of 2 layers and has a thickness of approximately 2 mm. We call this floor system the Mesa Epox Basic Cast Floor.

The epoxy flooring is very widely applicable

The epoxy variant is 1 of the 2 types of synthetic floors from Mesa Coatings. Due to its high mechanical and chemical load capacity, these types of floors are very suitable for industrial applications.

Advantages of epoxy

It has long been known that epoxy-based cast floors have extremely hard properties. This type of floor has been used for a long time in, for example, the aircraft industry and machine construction. Epoxy is twice as strong as concrete and it is also very light. Like most coating floors, the epoxy floor is also very easy to keep clean. Especially because of the latter advantage, this type of plastic floor is very suitable for use in butchers or other companies in the food sector.

Harder than concrete

Epoxy is twice as hard as concrete and pores are closed, which means that the floor is hard-wearing, low maintenance, liquidproof and moisture-resistant. It is possible to mix colours, so the floor can be supplied in countless different colours.

Installation of the floor

The construction of your cast floor requires experienced experts with specialist knowledge. We are the market leader in the Benelux, so we know exactly how to install your epoxy floor. For this we use multiple chemical components, which we mix together in the correct ratio.

In addition, we prepare the substrate well, for example with a primer or by blasting or sanding the floor (dust-free). This guarantees good adhesion of the new floor, tailored to the type of subfloor you have. Our qualified staff will be happy to work with you.

Our floors are widely applicable

The Mesa Epox Basic Cast Floor can be used in many industries. This type of floor is of course more suitable for certain sectors due to its specific properties. For example, the epoxy cast floor from Mesa Coatings is extremely suitable within the automotive sector and the industrial sector. Because the floor has a high hardness, resistance and liquid-tight properties, the floor is the perfect choice for distribution centers, warehouses, workshops, garages, storage rooms and industrial halls. This type of floor system is not only popular in new construction projects, but also in renovation projects. With the cast floor, the desired result can almost always be achieved, even in cases where the substrate is not completely optimal.

heavy duty

Heavy duty

Suitable for heavy loads

heavy duty


Anti-slip top layer is possible

heavy duty

Liquid proof

Resistant to liquids

heavy duty

Chemically resistant

Resistant to chemical substances

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Less bacteria build-up

heavy duty

Heat resistant

Resistant to e.g. hot liquids

heavy duty

UV resistant

No discoloration by UV radiation

heavy duty

Quickly installed

Taxable within a few hours

Recent cast floor projects

Curious about the cast floor projects that we have recently completed? As market leader in cast floors, we work on beautiful new cast floor projects every day. Discover some of the cast floors we are proud of. Or contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about the projects within your specific industry.

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The Mesa Coatings employees are experts in the field of coating systems. Do you want advice on installing a coating floor for your company? Our employees are happy to help you.

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Cast floor: frequently asked questions

How does the cast floor / underfloor heating combination work?

A question we often receive from Mesa Coatings, an expert in the installation of cast floors, is how the cast floor / underfloor heating combination works. A warm floor is pleasant, especially in an office or retail space. We can reassure anyone who is concerned about this: a cast floor is the ideal floor in combination with underfloor heating!

The combination screed floor / underfloor heating is ideal, because it can be installed in one go, in both hard and soft floors. This makes it much cheaper than when the underfloor heating has to be installed afterwards. The cast floor also ensures very good conductivity, so that the heat can be felt well and there is no need to burn.

Installing the cast floor: Do it yourself or not?

There is another question that often arises when it comes to the cast floor. Do it yourself or not? Laying cast floors seems very simple, which is why many people also like to try themselves. After all, this results in significant cost savings. Good preparation is very important here. Also choose high-quality materials and allow enough time for drying.

For a perfect end result, it is very important that the floors that are used – including the subfloor – are completely smooth. Also, each layer of the cast floor must always be finished tightly, so that this again forms a good basis for the new layer. Always work very carefully and accurately; removing a cast floor is not very easy!

Are there any disadvantages to the Mesa Fast cast floor?

That depends on the application and of course on the user. For example, cast floors are very sleek, so that – if light shines on the cast floor – everything is visible. This can be experienced as a disadvantage. Cast floors are also made in one piece. This means that the floor can crack when a crack in the screed underneath is created.

The fact that they are in one piece can also be seen as one of the drawbacks, especially if you want to do this yourself. It means that you have to work very precisely and that it is important to always complete the cast floor per layer. Certainly with larger surfaces this can mean that installing the ideal cast floor is not so easy. Getting help is often better.

What is the price per m2 for a cast floor?

Curious about the price per square meter (m2) for an epoxy cast floor? We are the market leader in the Benelux, which means we can provide you with the best quality at an affordable price. Request a non-binding quotation and we will be happy to explain what the price per square meter will be in your case.

What are suitable substrates for a cast floor?

Apply a cast floor as a coating over the existing subfloor? Various surfaces are excellent for this. This concerns, for example:

  • Chape
    A porous material, which is well suited as a substrate for a cast floor. With the right primer, we ensure perfect adhesion with the coating we apply.
  • Concrete
    By sanding the concrete (dust-free), we guarantee good adhesion, thanks to the rough surface. A suitable surface for the epoxy cast floors that we apply.
  • Tiles
    Suitable for a cast floor, provided there are no loose tiles. Sometimes we apply an equalization layer to eliminate limited level differences.
  • Natural stone
    Similar to tiles, so well suited for a floor coating if the surface is neatly fixed and flat. We sand the substrate for good adhesion.

Note: wood and linoleum are unfortunately less suitable as a substrate for a cast floor. In some cases we can be of service to you after a thorough inspection, sometimes with a few practical adjustments to ensure good adhesion.

In which regions does Mesa Coatings install cast floors?

As market leader in the Benelux, we work for customers throughout the Netherlands, in Belgium, Luxembourg and, for example, also in Germany. From our international experience, we know what the most demanding customers demand. We use this knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best possible service with our floor coatings of the highest quality.

Cleaning the cast floor and maintenance advice: how does it work?

Do you want to clean and maintain the cast floor? It is a hygienic and largely maintenance-free choice. However, it is important to remove the loose dirt daily with an (oil-free) dust wiper, a soft broom or with a vacuum cleaner. In addition, it is wise to clean the cast floor with a microfibre flat mop, in combination with a soap-free cleaning agent for cast floors.

Self-leveling floor: the absolute number one

If you are looking for a cast floor that can really withstand anything, you cannot ignore the Mesa Fast cast floors. These cast floors are developed for those who have the highest demands in terms of resistance, safety and ease of use. This type of cast floor proves its value in the toughest environments.

What exactly is an epoxy cast floor?

When people talk about an epoxy cast floor, it is often about something other than this actual floor. That’s the way it is: epoxy is used for finishing various types of floors. This synthetic resin type often serves as an extra
 hard top layer. Several types of floors therefore have an epoxy coating. However, you cannot call these floors epoxy cast floors. A real epoxy cast floor does not only have a top layer of resin, but consists entirely of epoxy. This makes this cast floor the strongest floor you can have: twice as strong as concrete. In addition, it is dirt and water resistant and very formable, making the floor ideal for all kinds of projects, including renovation projects.

The Mesa Fast screed floor not only has a top layer of resin, but consists of several epoxy layers.

Swimming pool floor cast floor

How we install the Mesa Fast cast floor

What do I have to take into account?

Those who choose a cast floor must take into account some specific properties. These are not necessarily disadvantages, but things that must be taken into consideration and that can determine the choice of the right floor.

Less suitable for shops and showrooms
shop or a showroom), it is better to choose another floor, such as a trowel floor. That floor is also sturdy, but offers slightly more options in terms of color and finish. You may wonder whether you really need the strongest, functional cast floor in a store or showroom, or whether you are also well equipped with a strong floor that can also add a few things visually.

Cast floor can start working
A cast floor can, because it adheres to the subfloor, start to “work” and therefore show some cracks or unevenness in the visible underlay. This does not affect the quality or sturdiness of the floor, but visually may be less desirable in places where appearance matters.

UV radiation
The epoxy resin can discolour under the influence of sunlight. This can be something to take into account when the screed is laid in a room with a lot of sunlight. In other rooms you do not have to take this into account and even when the appearance of the floor is not a priority, this is something you do not have to pay attention to.

Professionals with experience
The Mesa Fast cast floor is not a floor that you can lay yourself. This is a floor to be installed by professionals with experience. After all, there is a lot involved when laying cast floors. The surface on which this cast floor will lie must be properly treated. The subfloor must have the correct structure and roughness for the cast floor to adhere properly. The cast floor is not elastic and adheres to the subfloor. This allows the floor to start working. If the cast floor is not properly installed, this can cause problems. So always have your cast floor installed by an expert. We can of course take care of this.

Valuable investment
A cast floor is not cheap, especially when you compare it with floors that only have a thin coating. A cast floor like this is a valuable investment, because it will definitely pay for itself due to its strength and low maintenance. If you let a floor like this be laid, it will in principle lie for life. Are you sure that this floor will be used very intensively, then it is a sublime choice. However, do you have any doubts and do you think these cast floor is perhaps too heavy for your specific use, then it can certainly be worthwhile to look at another type of floor. We offer you many different options.

Colors and finishes
An epoxy cast floor is not a floor for decoration, but a floor for places where people really work. Therefore, the possibilities for colors and finishes are somewhat limited. Often color and finish with a cast floor are not decisive, or they are not relevant at all. However, the color of the floor is influenced by the subfloor. That way you can still influence it. You also have some options in the finish, from fairly matte to high-gloss.