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Coatings for the butcher’s shop

Hygiene is essential in a butcher’s shop. Butchers work with raw meat, blood, bones and organs. All food that is processed is susceptible to bacteria and if bacteria get the chance to settle somewhere they will. That is why strict requirements apply to running a butcher’s. For example, butchers must take account of regulations from the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority and also comply with the HACCP. We offer special coatings for the butcher’s that meet strict requirements regarding food safety. If you would like more information about our floor or wall coatings for the butcher’s shop, please contact us.

Synthetic walls and skirting

Floor coating in combination with plastic walls and/or skirting boards ensures that the entire area is low maintenance and durable. Because all three can be applied seamlessly, dirt and dust have no chance of accumulating and cleaning the butcher’s shop will be easier.

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Synthetic butcher’s shop floor

A part of this is the floor. This is the place where everything comes together; dust, dirt, blood, meat residue, waste, you name it. When something falls, it automatically hits the floor. It is therefore very important that a butcher’s shop floor is easy to clean and that it has the same hygienic value after cleaning.

The synthetic floors from Mesa Coatings offer a solution for this. In contrast to a tile floor, floor coatings are seamless, as well as finished with a top layer, making it dust and watertight. The advantage of this that what falls on the ground can not attach or accumulate in the floor or floor seams. It can therefore be swept up or washed easier, which will also result in time saving and reduced frustration.

And a butcher’s shop floor is heavily exposed to mechanical loads and chemicals. Due to the many cleaning agents and the heavy materials (for example meat carts) that roll over it, a floor is exposed to a lot of wear and tear. Coated floors of Mesa Coatings are scratch-resistant, hard-wearing and have a high mechanical and chemical load capacity. This allows you to enjoy your sustainable and low maintenance commercial space for longer.

Coatings for the butcher shop
Coated floor in the butcher's shop

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