Coating systems from Mesa Coatings

Coatingsystemen voor elk bedrijf

Mesa Coatings is “de specialist in kunststof vloer- en wandsystemen”, door jarenlange internationale ervaring zijn we de specialist bij uitstek voor vloer- en wandcoatings. Wij leveren voor ieder bedrijf een professionele bedrijfsvloer. Hierbij kunt u denken aan een epoxyvloer, troffelvloer, gietvloer, betoncoating en grindvloer maar ook verschillende epoxy wandcoatings. Elke coating heeft zijn eigen unieke eigenschap. Wilt u graag meer informatie over onze verschillende coatingsystemen? lees dan snel verder of neem contact met ons op.

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Cast floor

A cast floor is a mixture of various components. This floor is literally poured over the surface. It is possible to mix the cast floor in such a way that different types of cast floors with different properties are created. The three most commonly used cast floors are the cement-based, epoxy and polyurethane (or PU) screed. We mainly supply the epoxy and PU cast floor. The floors can be applied in different layers and as a result there is not one fixed standard cast floor of Epoxy or PU, but many variations are possible.

Self-leveling floor for companies

Cast floor

A cast floor is a 1 or 2 component floor consisting of polyurethane, epoxy, of acrylate. Compared to a cast floor, the coating is usually a much thinner layer of no more than 1 mm. The floor coating is applied with a roller. The coated floor is very attractive from a price point of view, when there are fewer demands on the floor. However, the coating can also be used as finishing layer for various other floor systems.

Coating floor for the kitchen

Trowel Floor

Een trowel floor is a very hard synthetic floor consisting of several components. The basis of this strong floor consists of very fine gravel and epoxy resin. The epoxy resin serves as a binding agent for the floor. The trowel floor is liquidproof and dirt-repellent. These properties are due to the top layer of gel. Depending on your wishes, a satin or mat finish are available.

Coating floor for the car wash

PMMA Floor

The PPPA floor is a commercial floor consisting of very fine sand bound with PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) resin. The biggest advantage of the PMMA floor is the fast curing time when installing this floor. Due to the short drying time of only 2 hours, a standing still of your production processes can be kept to a minimum. PMMA floors are widely used at butchers, bakers and other companies in the food sector.

Coating for the catering sector

Synthetic Skirting Boards

Mesa Coatings skirting boards have the same qualities and properties as the floor systems they are used in. For example, the synthetic skirting that connects to a trowel floor or cast floor is just as chemically and mechanically resistant. And it ensures a seamless transition between wall and floor coating.

Plastic baseboards

Epoxy Wall Coating

Epoxy wall coating, like epoxy floor coating, is twice as strong as concrete and waterproof. (liquidproof) This makes epoxy wall coating ideal for situations where a high degree of mechanical and/or chemical resistance is required. And when you’re looking for an easy to clean and low maintenance wall.

Wall coating

Acrylate Wall Coating

At Mesa Coatings Acrylate Wall Coating is called MesaCryl and is one of our latest developments. Acrylate is also known as PMMA and is a high quality synthetic material that is used in both floor and wall coatings. The biggest difference compared to more traditional wall coatings, such as an epoxy coating, is that the rooms no longer have to be heated before and after. Which is certainly a huge advantage in the cold months.

Coating in livestock farming