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Coatings for the car wash

Do you have a wash bay at your garage where you wash your vehicles yourself, a car wash at your petrol station where customers can drive themselves or perhaps a ‘do it yourself’ car wash? Then you’ll know that it is important to have wall coating and a safe non-slip floor. Also when it concerns, for example, a car wash for your transport company trucks or a truck wash.

Why coat your car wash?

Floor and wall coatings from Mesa Coatings are seamless, chemical resistant, non-slip, waterproof, wear and scratch resistant, can be supplied in many RAL colours and have a high mechanical load capacity.

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Non-slip and waterproof

For your safety and that of your customers it’s important to have a good non-slip floor in the wash bay. Because of the continuous use of water and soap, it gets slippery. To prevent slipping as much as possible, a trowel floor with non-slip layer is installed.

Hard-wearing and resistant to chemicals

In addition to improving safety, this kind of floor coating is also very chemically and mechanically resistant. All these chemicals combined with large amounts of water, sand, salt and dirt from the vehicles have a devastating effect on a concrete floor. However, the Mesa Coatings trowel floor has an extra layer of gel so that water and dirt remain on top of the floor and can be easily rinsed away. So dirt has no chance of accumulating in the pores and damaging the floor. In the end, you will be able to enjoy your car wash floor for longer.

Usable in 1 day

Do you currently have a car wash that is used daily? Then you will want to prevent it from being unnecessarily out of use. We usually apply your coated floor or wall within one day.  Let us know what your requirements are and receive customised advice

Some advantages

Heavy duty

Heavy duty

Suitable for heavy loads
Chemically resistant

Chemically resistant

Bestand tegen chemische substansies
Liquid proof

Liquid proof

Resistant to liquids


Less bacteria build-up
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