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Mesa Coatings has many years of experience in the automotive sector and regularly visits car wash and truck wash companies. This also includes chain washes, rollovers and (self-wash) washing boxes. Mesa’s coatings are suitable for renovation and new construction and are not only used for floors, but also for wall finishes. The coatings are desirable in every situation and are indispensable in the sector. For example, we have already been able to make more than 600 car washes, dealers and gas stations in the Benelux happy with a suitable coating.

Common floor problems in car washes

It is possible that you have floor problems, but it is not clear where they come from. This is a well-known story, which fortunately has a solution. It is often chemicals in cleaning agents that, in combination with a poor surface, lead to problems. The result is damage to the floor by, for example, bacteria that attach themselves to tiled floors or open concrete.

And the solution? The Mesa Fast floor system from Mesa Coatings. We developed this floor system especially for truck and car washes, but it is suitable for all sectors. It meets all (liquid-tight) requirements and comes with many associated advantages and features, such as the mechanical load capacity. Read on for all these benefits.

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Anti-slip and completely liquid-proof

For the safety of your customers, yourself and your staff, it is important that there is a good non-slip floor in the car wash. Due to the frequent use of water and soap, it becomes slippery. You can choose from different anti-slip grades, from light anti-slip to very anti-slip. A hard requirement in the car wash industry is the liquid-tightness of the floor. Rest assured, because this floor system is 100% liquid-tight due to the seamless finish, including custom-made skirting boards from the same system.

Mechanically loadable and chemically resistant

All chemical agents, in combination with large amounts of water, sand, salt and dirt from vehicles, have a devastating effect on a concrete floor. However, the Mesa Fast floor system has an extra seal layer, so that water and dirt remains on top of the floor and can be easily rinsed away. Due to the sturdy intermediate layer, the floor can be mechanically loaded for heavy vehicles. All in all, you have a durable floor that will last for years.

Installed within 1 day

Do you have a car wash that is in daily use? Then you want to prevent the car wash from being out of use unnecessarily. We apply the floor and/or walls within 1 day and due to the fast curing, the floor can be fully used again after 3 hours. If desired, it is possible to have the coating applied in the evening, night and weekend hours.

Some advantages

Heavy duty

Heavy duty

Suitable for heavy loads
Chemically resistant

Chemically resistant

Bestand tegen chemische substansies
Liquid proof

Liquid proof

Resistant to liquids


Less bacteria build-up
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Installation of the car wash floor

It may be that your surface first needs to be pre-treated, for example by sanding or blasting. In advance we give you a clear picture and plan how everything works and what you can expect.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can install our car wash floor quickly and efficiently. We ensure that your floor is completely ready within 1 day. Do you have a large car wash? Then we come with a large team of specialists to get this job done. Our car wash floor consists of 3 layers, which are laid in quick succession for the best possible result. See the video below how we lay the floor.

Available in all RAL colors

Thanks to the various colours, we are happy to provide an inviting floor that, for example, matches the colors of your house style. The floor provides a professional and beautiful company appearance. In addition, we can place signage on the floor for the best possible user-friendliness. Below you will find some of our available colours, but you have the option of all RAL colours.

RAL 5005
RAL 9016
RAL 9006
RAL 1013
RAL 9007
RAL 5015
RAL 9010
RAL 3020

Solutions for gas stations

Petrol stations use our car wash floor for the wash box or car wash. In addition, we can also provide you with good service with the rest of the location. We provide a hygienic and modern shop and restaurant floor. Our Mesa Fast floor is also extremely suitable for the pump islands and the rest of the gas station. With our floor coating, you comply neatly with the important guidelines and legislation.

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