Liquid-tight floors

Chemical resistant and fully approved by inspection

Liquidproof floor: best choice for many applications

The liquidproof floor: an important requirement and obligation within your industry or a functional choice to prevent soil degradation. Mesa Coatings is your specialist in water-resistant floors, dirt doesn’t stand a chance to penetrate into the floor. This means that you can protect the soil with our liquidproof floors, within a wide range of different applications.

The floor with a liquidproof finish has many advantages making it suitable for a large number of different applications. Curious about the costs? These depend strongly on the surface and the material that we use. We are happy to provide you with a free quotation for the liquidproof floor, so you know exactly where you stand.

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Advantages of our liquid-tight floors

The liquid-tight floor offers a number of important advantages. You can, for example, within the food industry ensure that you meet the strict guidelines that apply. With such a floor and our certification, you can assume that everything is in order. Both during an inspection by the official authorities and during daily practice if you use it.

In addition, the liquid-tight floor offers a number of other advantages. This prevents water and other liquids from running into the soil. This prevents contamination and, for example, makes it easier to clean and keep the floor. At the same time, you are much less bothered by dirt and dirt that will sit in tricky places. You can work hygienically and ensure a clean floor, without having to invest a lot of time and effort. The investment in a floor with liquid-tight quality therefore helps you to save costs in the long term.

What does a liquidproof floor cost

The cost of a liquidproof floor depends on the surface area and the specific requirements. We can apply a non-slip top layer and an anti-static effect, as well as resistance to chemical substances. Due to our fast methods, we can install a heat-resistant floor ready for use within 1 day.

Some benefits

Heavy duty Horecavloer

Heavy duty

Suitable for heavy loads
Chemisch bestendig Horecavloer

Chemical resistant

Resistant to chemical substances
Vloeistofdicht Horecavloer


Resistant to e.g. hot liquids
Hygiënisch Horecavloer


Comply with HACCP standards

Quickly installed

Quickly installed

Usable within a few hours
Horecavloer voor restaurants


Liquid-tight floor for the automotive sector
Horecavloer voor de foodsector


Liquid-tight floor for the food industry
Horecavloer voor  bakkerij


Liquid-tight floor for industry

Floor systems

Within Mesa Coatings we have a wide range of floor systems that are liquid-proof. We are happy to discuss your wishes, so that we can give good advice whether a cast floor, trowel floor or epoxy floor is the right choice. Our specialists are happy to tell you more about the various options. In addition, we can show you examples of other floors that we have realized or explain our certification. Would you rather view all our projects now? Click here

Where do we install liquidproof floors?

We install liquidproof floors in many branches and companies. Are you looking for a HACCP floor for the food industry or a floor for your garage? In general, we have a lot of experience in the automotive sector and workshop floors.

In addition, we regularly work for car and truck washes and install epoxy floors in various industries. We will gladly tell you more about a coated floor and its advantages, and will tailor it to your specific wishes.

Gietvloer automotive

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