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Liquidproof floor: best choice for many applications

The liquidproof floor: an important requirement and obligation within your industry or a functional choice to prevent soil degradation. Mesa Coatings is your specialist in water-resistant floors, dirt doesn’t stand a chance to penetrate into the floor. This means that you can protect the soil with our liquidproof floors, within a wide range of different applications.

The floor with a liquidproof finish has many advantages making it suitable for a large number of different applications. Curious about the costs? These depend strongly on the surface and the material that we use. We are happy to provide you with a free quotation for the liquidproof floor, so you know exactly where you stand.

Where is the HACCP floor installed?

Mesa Coatings HACCP floors are suitable for all companies in the food industry. Examples are professional kitchens, restaurants (catering), bakeries, butchers, production halls, meat processing plants, fruit and vegetable processing companies, food import and export companies. In short, all companies that are involved in the preparation, processing, packaging or distribution of food. In addition, we comply with European directives for the food industry (93/43/EG) and we are liquidproof PBV and HACCP approved according to Cur 43 standards. Do you have a business in the food sector and would you like advice about your new business floor without any obligation? Contact us now.

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groen vinkjeDurable and liquid proof

groen vinkjeEasy to clean

groen vinkjeHygienic

groen vinkjeSafe

Applications of the liquidproof floor

The liquidproof floor has all kinds of applications, within various branches. We will list a few for you:

  • Agraricultural
    For example poultry farming, cattle farming, goat farming and pig farming.
  • Automotive
    For example in the workshop or garage, a car park, showroom or a car wash.
  • Industrial
    Ideal for a warehouse, petrochemical sector, metal working or a computer room.
  • Food
    For example a professional kitchen, store room, butcher or bakery
  • Retail & Office
    In the canteen for example, in the office, sanitary facilities or shop.

We have experience with liquidproof floors in various sectors, for a range of applications. We tailor the type of floor and the material to the specific requirements within your organisation. Or the specific requirements from laws and regulations. We will provide a functional floor that you can use optimally.

Advantages of our liquidproof floors

The liquidproof floor offers a number of important advantages. For example, it will ensure you meet the strict guidelines that apply in the food industry. With such a floor and our certification you are guaranteed that everything is in order. Both during an inspection by the official authorities and during daily practice if you make use of it.

In addition, the liquidproof floor has a number of other advantages. This prevents water and other liquids from running into the soil. This prevents pollution and makes it easier, for example, to clean and maintain the floor. At the same time, you will be much less affected by dirt accumulating in awkward places. You can work hygienically and keep the floor clean without having to put a lot of time and effort into it. The investment in a floor with liquidproof quality will help you save costs in the long run.

All benefits at a glance

heavy duty

Heavy duty

Suitable for heavy loads



Resistant to liquids

anti statisch


Has an antistatic effect



Non-slip top layer is available

chemisch bestendig

Chemical resistant

Resistant to chemical substances

uv bestendig

UV resistant

No discolouration due to UV radiation

hitte bestendig

Heat resistant

Resistant to high temperatures

snel gelegd

Quickly installed

Usable within 1 day

Contact us for questions or expert advice

The Mesa Coatings employees are experts in the field of coating systems. Do you want advice on installing a coating floor for your company? Our employees are happy to help you.

Installingthe floor

We can install the liquidproof floor in a number of different ways. We adjust this to the application you are looking for and the result you want to achieve with it. We work layer by layer to make the floor completely liquidproof, and supply the finish you want.

We work with a number of different coating systems for the floor. We supply cast floors, coated floors and trowel floors. Our specialists will gladly tell you more about the various possibilities. In addition, we can show you examples of other floors we have installed or tell you about our certification.

Where do we install liquidproof floors?

We install liquidproof floors in many branches and companies. Are you looking for a HACCP floor for the food industry or a floor for your garage? In general, we have a lot of experience in the automotive sector and workshop floors.

In addition, we regularly work for car and truck washes and install epoxy floors in various industries. We will gladly tell you more about a coated floor and its advantages, and will tailor it to your specific wishes.

liquid proof floor

What does a liquidproof floor cost

The cost of a liquidproof floor depends on the surface area and the specific requirements. We can apply a non-slip top layer and an anti-static effect, as well as resistance to chemical substances. Due to our fast methods, we can install a heat-resistant floor ready for use within 1 day.

Request a quote

Curious about what a liquidproof floor costs? We will be happy to discuss the specific wishes and requirements with you, as well as the laws and regulations you must comply with. We can advise you on the right floor for your organisation. Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a customised quotation for your liquidproof floor.

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