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In the industry a clean work floor is important. Not only to work more easily, but the right floor also ensures cost saving in the work process. Quality floors prevent damage to the floor, which postpones renovation. In addition, a smooth floor is better to keep clean, which leads to fewer working hours and a higher job satisfaction.

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Our synthetic Industrial flooring can be adjusted to the needs of the customer. View avaiable applications below

Industrial floors for the Warehouse

Quality flooring is essential in a warehouse. Mesa Coatings installs these according to the customer’s requests. Heavy machinery and daily use require a durable and high-quality synthetic floor. This prevents wear and concrete repair is delayed. Thanks to the large choice of floor systems, every customer requirement can be fulfilled.

Industrial floors for warehouses
Coatings for the computer room

Coatings for the computer room

Mesa Coatings offers many possibilities for synthetic floors. Depending on your requirements, a top layer is applied to ensure that dust, dirt and liquids remain on the surface of the floor. It can be easily cleaned and has no chance to seep into the floor and cause stains. This maintenance-friendly way of working reduces the time of cleaning and leaves more time for the daily tasks.

Coatings for the petrochemical industry

Quality floors and walls are of great importance in the petrochemical industry. In this sector, floors and walls are exposed to mechanical and chemical influences. This will severely affect your floor. A damaged floor creates an unhygienic and unsafe workplace.

Coatings for the petrochemical industry
coatings for the metalworking Industry

Coatings for the Metalworking Industry

Quality floors are very important in metalworking or heavy industry. They are affected daily by heavily loads with large machines. This can cause cracks or other damage to the floor. This can lead to cessation of work or sometimes results in dangerous situations for your staff or products. The finish of your concrete floor is therefore an important part of your new construction or renovation.

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