Do you want coating applied to the office floor?

The ideal choice for your floor, thanks to the high quality finish

Coatings for the office floor

Want coating applied to the office floor? The ideal choice for the floor, thanks to the high quality of the finish. Extremely durable, low-maintenance and available in all kinds of different colours. Optimal professional and an investment in the future. We are providing more and more office floors with our coating. A cast floor is a great way to coat a concrete floor. Available in the colour you want, and for sustainable use

Quickly ready for use and low maintenance

And the advantage of coating office floors? We apply the coating in 1 day. And you can use the floor immediately afterwards, so you can continue with what you are doing. No long-term interruption of the activities, but instead being able to immediately resume the work.

A practical solution for many organisations, like the extremely hard-wearing character of the floor. We ensure that you don’t or hardly have to worry about the floor. Very low maintenance and therefore an excellent investment, both now and in the future. A cast floor or concrete floor with a professional finish, with very beneficial properties.

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Cast floor or concrete floor

A cast floor or concrete floor at the office is an excellent choice for several reasons. We provide a high-quality coated floor. Completely liquidproof, so it’s easy to clean. 100% hygienic which makes it an excellent choice for the office. We can use epoxy coating or a trowel floor . We would like to tell you more about this and other floors we install. For example, coatings for warehouses. Our coatings suitable for multiple applications.

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Some advantages

Heavy duty

Heavy duty

Suitable for heavy loads
Chemically resistant

Chemically resistant

Resistant to chemical substances
Liquid proof

Liquid proof

Resistant to liquids


Less bacteria build-up

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Install a coated office floor.

We have a lot of experience with applying office floor coating. This means we can let you know clearly in advance how it works and what is involved. We would like to show you how we can ensure that you can quickly resume work. And how we guarantee that the floor will be low maintenance and that you can use it in a sustainable way. Even with intensive use, so you no longer have to worry about it.

Coating for the office floor is an excellent choice, if you’re not sure what you want to do with the floor. And thanks to the choice in colours, we can provide an inviting floor or a floor in accordance with the colours of your house style. The ideal combination of important elements, which you can see in the coating we apply.

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