Synthetic skirting boards the seamless transition between wall and floor coatings

Skirting boards with the same quality and properties as the floor systems we develop.

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Synthetic skirting

Use plastic skirting boards? Skirting boards with the same quality and properties as the floor systems that we develop. For the ideal connection to a trowel floor or a cast floor. We create a seamless transition between the wall and floor coating, so that you optimally benefit from the liquid tightness and other pleasant properties.
You can have our plastic skirting boards applied in an affordable way. We use an angle of 45 degrees and ensure 4 cm high skirting boards. That way it is the ideal addition to the company floor, tailored to the way you use it.

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Install skirting board coating

Interested in installing synthetic skirting boards? Skirting board coating is installed at the right angle which contributes to its high quality. We install the skirting boards at 4cm height and at a 45 degree angle, but we can adjust to your needs and the situation on the spot. We create a business space with a liquidproof floor that is easy to clean. Low maintenance and yet extremely hygienic, for the best of both worlds.

Synthetic skirting boards extend the liquidproof floor to the skirting boards and the walls in the room. Liquid and dirt can not accumulate in the corners, because vacuuming and mopping up is much easier. We prevent the seam between the floor and the wall, so it’s easy to clean in its entirety. It ensures it is completely liquidproof, so you comply with the strict requirements that apply in your industry.

Applications of synthetic skirting boards

There are all kinds of applications for synthetic skirting boards. We work a lot for agricultural companies, where we ensure that the floor and the walls meet the requirements. This also applies to the production industry, for example when it comes to food. Do you want to make sure that everything is clean and tidy in your sanitary facilities? Our synthetic skirting boards are ideal for this.
We adjust the working method and the specifications of the skirting boards in the way you will use them. We do this based on your specific wishes and requirements. In addition, we use our broad experience within the industry. Based on previous projects we can advise you on how things are usually done and what we can do for you.

The use of skirting board coating ensures strong and durable floors and is suitable for new construction and renovation. This is the reason they are frequently used in the agricultural sector, production industry and food industry. Examples are:

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Would you like to know more about synthetic skirting boards and what we could do for you? Or do you want to see examples of the skirting boards on store floors, warehouse floors, bakery floors or at a milking parlour? Projects we have worked on for our customers include: a printing shop, a butcher’s shop, a garage and a large kitchen. We will start with your milking parlour or canteen floor. Please contact us, we will be happy to tell you more about it.

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