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Agricultural coated floors

A coated floor for your agricultural business? An excellent choice, thanks to the unique features of our applications. Suitable for floors and for walls, including skirting to seamlessly connect the two parts.

We specialise in coating floors for feeding troughs, milking pits and robot rooms. We also work for customer’s milking parlours, pig pens and pig grills. In this way the agricultural coated floor is ideal for poultry farming, cattle farming or pig farming.

Optimal hygiene

The coated floor for the agricultural sector offers a number of important advantages. You are guaranteed optimum hygiene thanks to the seamless floor which is also 100% liquid-tight. This way you will comply with all important reulations and guidelines at once, and it’s easier to clean the floor.
In addition, you can rely on an important anti-slip effect, which significantly increases the safety of the floor. A great additional benefit of the agricultural coated floor. You will also be making an extremely sustainable choice; a good investment in the future. For the floor and for the walls, creating optimal hygiene.

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For poultry, beef cattle and pigs

We work for all kinds of agricultural companies, so we can tell you more. Our clients include the following agricultural companies:

Poultry farms
Beef farms
Pig farms
Goat farms

This is not only proof that our product is of great added value to you, it also ensures that we know the challenges you face. We understand what you need as an agricultural company if you are looking for a coated floor. Our specialists are happy to help you find a suitable solution, fully tailored to your company and the way you want to use it.

Some advantages

Heavy duty

Heavy duty

Suitable for heavy duty
Chemical resistant

Chemical resistant

Resistant to chemical substances
Liquid proof

Liquid proof

Resistant to liquids


Less accumulation of bacteria

Hygienic coatings: an excellent choice

Prevent diseases in your chickens and clean the floor as quickly as possible before the new delivery of poultry arrives? We tackle these challenges and make an offer for our coating floors. In a way that you can use it in the young cattle or in the milking parlor, just like in the cubicle pen. Moreover, the floor is an excellent choice in pig farming, goat farming or another agricultural business. We ensure that you can count on maximum hygiene, in combination with a number of favorable properties that you will enjoy now and in the future.

Coating for floors and walls

Our coatings are suitable for both floors and walls. Moreover, we can immediately include the skirting boards in the quotation. We can then seamlessly connect the two parts to each other, so that the dirt cannot hide anywhere and you can count on a 100% hygienic solution.

Do you want to know more about a coating floor or a coating on the wall in your agricultural company? Request a free quote or contact us for specific questions. We’d love to hear from you.

Coatingvloer agrarische sector

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