Need a catering floor for your business?

Hygienic, Hard-wearing, Suitable for hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, etc.

Catering floor

Easy to maintain, HACCP-certified and extremely hygienic: 3 important advantages of a catering floor. We provide a hard-wearing and durable floor, which is also available liquidproof. And we can install it quickly for you. The floor is ready to use within 24 hours, allowing you to immediately enjoy the benefits.

Catering floor for various purposes

We have a lot of experience with catering floors for a wide variety of purposes. We frequently install floors for hotels, restaurants and cafeterias. Curious about the costs of a catering floor? We are happy to send you a competitive offer. We can give you advice tailored to the surface and your choice of materials. Request a free quote.

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Why a coating for your catering floor?

A good catering floor consists of high-quality floor material, in combination with a coating. This ensures that you can easily keep the floor clean. Moreover, our floors meet the HACCP standards, they are extremely hygienic and durable. A sustainable choice, because there is much less wear. You can have a non-slip, liquidproof catering floor, without losing on style. We install high-quality floors.

Tip: we can apply coating for a catering floor on almost every subfloor. This makes it ideal for a renovation.

The floor is ready to use within 24 hours. We work efficiently and professionally, so that your business is interrupted as little as possible.

Benefits of our floors

groen vinkjeEasy to keep clean

groen vinkjeHACCP certified

groen vinkje100% hygienic

groen vinkjeLiquidproof

groen vinkjeHard wearing and durable

All benefits at a glance

Quickly installed

Usable within 1 day


Resistant to liquids


Has an antistatic effect


Non-slip top layer is available

Chemical resistant

Resistant to chemical substitutions

UV resistant

No discolouration due to UV radiation

Heat resistant

Resistant to high temperatures


Easy to clean and disinfect

Applying a catering floor

We apply the catering floor professionally, based on our extensive experience. We work layer by layer, taking the subfloor as an important basis. From there we install a high-quality floor, with the right coating for the catering industry. Of course we listen carefully to your wishes, so that the floor will have the properties you need. Thanks to our smooth working method and neat finish you can use it within 24 hours.

Where do we install catering floors?

At Mesa Coatings we work for various companies that use our catering floors. Hotels for example. We install floors in bathrooms, in hotel kitchens, around swimming pools and we installrestaurant floors. We also work for the larger restaurants, where we can specifically focus on the sanitary facilities, the kitchen or the total location. We are specialised in sanitary facilities, kitchen and cafeteria/bar floors.

kitchen floor

What does a catering floor cost per square meter

Curious about the costs of a catering floor per m2? The cost depends on the total surface area and the choice of materials. We can give you excellent advice, based on the advantages and qualities you are looking for.

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catering floor

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