Do you want to make your business space hard-wearing and more durable?

Epoxy wall coating is an excellent choice.

Epoxy wall coating

Making the business space more hard-wearing and more durable? An epoxy wall coating is an excellent idea. Prevent the current floor and walls from wearing over time and adversely affecting the business processes.

Twice as strong as concrete

We can apply an epoxy wall coating for you. Completely hard-wearing, because the material is twice as strong as concrete and waterproof (100% liquidproof). This means that you can use it in all kinds of situations, for example if a high mechanical or chemical resistance is required. And are you looking for a wall that is easier to clean than the one you have now? Prevent dirt from accumulating, by using a low maintenance wall that is easy to clean.

Epoxy wall coating, an excellent choice

It shows that the epoxy wall coating is an excellent choice in several situations. We are happy to discuss this with you, to indicate what is possible and what important benefits you can count on.

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All benefits at a glance

Quickly installed

Usable within 1 day


Resistant to liquids


Has an antistatic effect


Non-slip top layer is available

Chemical resistant

Resistant to chemical substances

UV resistant

No discolouration due to UV radiation

Heat resistant

Resistant to high temperatures


Easy to clean and disinfect

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Suitable for any surface

We can apply the epoxy wall coating on any surface, so we can apply the wall coating to your walls too. For preventing future problems with the current wall (finish), thanks to the favourable properties of our coating. A hard-wearing solution you no longer have to worry about and easy to clean.

Attention: in some cases we may need to sand the wall first. This is how we make it suitable for our high-quality epoxy wall coating. Our specialists will assess the current wall(s) to determine whether this is necessary.

We will get to work and apply 100% seamless wall just like our epoxy floors. That means a wonderful result based on 2-component coating. We will then close the pores in the wall so that dust and dirt no longer have a chance to settle there. And have you also opted for a floor coating, for example in the metal industry? Then you can count on a hard-wearing and durable business space, which you will be using for years to come.

Benefits of our floors

Reduces infection pressure


Quickly installed

Ready to use after 1 hour

“Mesa Coatings, because quality has a name!”

Coating floor tailored to your business

You can choose from different types of floor coatings for cattle farming. You can use a cast floor or an epoxy floor. And the best thing about it? We can apply the coating in between milking. This means you can use the floor again straight away. 100% acid resistant and hard-wearing, so you will immediately notice the improvement on the current floor.

In addition, we can provide the coatings for cattle farming with a non-slip finish. You will improve the floor with important advantageous properties while at the same time improving safety. You ensure a higher feed intake and higher milk yield, in a safe environment where the cattle contribute to better economic results. And would you prefer to use an epoxy wall coating? You have come to the right place.

Acid-resistant for the feed alley or feeding trough

Coating for cattle farming is available for the feed alley and the feeding trough, so that you can use it in more ways than one. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities and we can tell you more about the benefits for your company. Compared to the current floor or when you’re thinking of a new construction. We are happy to be of service with a coated floor, based on the highest possible quality.

Want to know more about the possibilities of our coatings for cattle farming? Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about it.