Need a sustainable coating floor?

A durable choice, hard-wearing, seamless, liquidproof and very quickly applied

Suitable for every type of company

Adaptable to almost every specific requirement

A sustainable choice

Due to the long lifespan, this is a cost-effective solution

Suitable for chemical and mechanical loads

Coatingvloeren zijn bestand tegen zware belasting en daarnaast chemisch resistent

Very quickly installed

Avoid costly production stops due to the fast and professional installation of your floor

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The Mesa Coatings employees are experts in the field of coating systems. Do you want advice on installing a coating floor for your company? Our employees are happy to help you.

Coatingfloors for companies

Choosing the right floor for a company is not that easy. Company floors must meet specific requirements, for example when it comes to hygiene or water resistance. A coated floor meets such requirements and is therefore a very good option. Moreover, there is no such thing as one type of coated floor; you always have the choice of several coated floors.

Also suitable for walls and baseboards

If you are looking for a good coated floor, Mesa Coatings can help you. Mesa Coatings specialises in supplying sustainable coating systems, including floor coating. Also for example for wall coating and plastic skirting you have come to the right place.

Suitable for all branches

Coatingvloer voor voedingsmiddelen


Clean floors are essential for the food industry. Where food is processed or produced, it must be hygienic.

Coatingvloer voor automotive en industrie

Automotive & industry

Do you have a car garage or an industrial company and are you looking for a sustainable floor? We supply plastic floors for the automotive and industry.

Coatingvloer voor agrarische sector


We specialize in coatings for the agricultural sector. The coatings are applied to feed troughs, milk wells and shed slats.

Low maintenance

A coated floor is very easy to maintain. Because coating has a dense structure on the surface, a coating floor hardly absorbs any dust or dirt. This immediately results in less work and less water consumption. For agricultural companies, an additional advantage is that the infection pressure in the stables is significantly reduced.

Synthetic floors are extremely strong due to their unique composition and also are hard-wearing. This makes the floor suitable for heavy loads and therefore ideal for industrial companies. The synthetic floor is also very durable due to the above properties.

A synthetic floor must be applied seamlessly. Because it is about the surface of your floor, it is important that your floor is completely level. In many cases it is also required that a floor is seamless, because this contributes to the hygiene within the company.

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Top company to do business with. Are very flexible and can isntall a floor quickly. Floors are super! Mesa Coatings is a top company to work with!
Stef van der Hoorn

Mesa Coatings also did their best with us in February 2018. Still very satisfied with the floor! Can recommend it to any car wash!
Carwash clean in 60 meters Heerlen

Very satisfied with the quality floor and service. Nice result and meets all wishes. Certainly recommended to have your floor laid by Mesa Coating.
Willaerts Group

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