Need a coated floor for the garage or workshop?

An excellent choice, because our floors are chemically resistant and can be exposed to heavy loads.

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Coatings for the workshop or garage

It is important for every company in the automotive industry to have a good workshop floor. This is not only time-consuming and therefore cost-effective, but it also contributes to the safety of your staff and the image of the entire company.

Workshop floor; durable, seamless & non-slip

With a floor coating over your existing surface, the mechanical and chemical resistance of your workshop floor goes up immediately. An epoxy cast floor is in fact twice as strong as concrete. This has the great advantage that the floor is resistant to heavy vehicles that accelerate and brake, and salt, sand oil and other liquids have minimal impact on these scratch-resistant and hard-wearing Mesa Coatings floors.

Resistant to chemical liquids

The sealing top layer ensures that cleaning agents and oils do not seep into the floor, but stay on the surface. This prevents staining in your workshop floor. A non-slip layer can be applied, to prevent risk of slipping while working. In addition to preventing stains, the advantage of the pore sealing property is that it saves a lot of time in cleaning the floor. It is no longer necessary to spend too much time scrubbing the workshop floor, which means wasting less water.

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Low maintenance workshop floor

Synthetic floors also contribute to the appearance of your company. Consciously or unconsciously, it is important to customers that a workshop looks nice and tidy. A poorly maintained workshop is often associated with poor maintenance of personal property. After all, if the own environment is not well maintained, how will my vehicle be maintained? Because a Mesa Coatings coated or cast floor can be installed seamlessly, unevenness is prevented and it looks tidy. An additional advantage is that there are no “obstacles” that prevent effective cleaning and contribute to easy maintenance of the floor. Which results in a fresh, tidy and professional-looking workshop.

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Heavy duty Coatings for the workshop garage

Heavy duty

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Chemical resistant coatings for the workshop garage

Chemically resistant

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Hygienic Coatings for the workshop garage


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