Heavy Duty floor

Suitable for the machine, iron and metal industry

Heavy Duty Floor

The machine, iron and metal industry require a solid and safe subfloor, suitable for carrying out the daily activities without any worries. Our answer at Mesa Coatings? Our heavy duty floor. Much better suited than a regular concrete floor, thanks to the properties specific to the purpose of your floor.

A practical alternative to concrete

Concrete, for example, generates dust from the subsoil, something that is not affected by our Mesa Coatings heavy duty floor. In addition, concrete is an important source of dirt, so that cleaning and maintenance requires more attention. With our heavy duty floor, we provide a practical alternative that is specifically suitable for companies in the machine, iron and metal industry.

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Applications of the heavy duty floor

We developed the heavy duty floor specifically for these applications, which is reflected in the various advantages that you can benefit from. We used a layer structure consisting of an adhesive primer, flexible intermediate layers, granulate and a sealer. The combination of these layers and materials ensures that a safe and solid whole is created, suitable for companies with machines, iron and metals.

Advantages of our heavy duty floor

This provides a number of advantages, both in terms of strength and safety as well as their installation. We can install the heavy duty floor within one day. And it’s ready to use only two hours after installation. The floor cures within that time, so that you resume work on it the same day. Prevent your company from coming to a standstill with our heavy duty floor.

KIWA and AggB certified

In addition, we can install the heavy duty floor, regardless of the weather and outside temperature. Unlike traditional concrete floors, the material reacts much less strongly to the ambient temperature, so that we can help you even in the winter. For this and a number of other reasons, the system is both KIWA and AggB certified, which guarantees the highest possible quality.

Benefits of our floors

groen vinkjeHard wearing and durable

groen vinkjeSuitable for mechanical loading

groen vinkje100% hygienic

groen vinkjeLiquidproof

groen vinkjeDust-free

All benefits at a glance

Quickly installed

Usable within 1 day


Resistant to liquids


Has an antistatic effect


Non-slip top layer is available

Chemical resistant

Resistant to chemical substitutions

UV resistant

No discolouration due to UV radiation

Heat resistant

Resistant to high temperatures


Easy to clean and disinfect

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The placement of your heavy duty floor is in the hands of our experienced professionals. A team of Dutch specialists, with extensive experience in installing coatings for the machine, iron and metal industry.

We are your specialist for heavy duty flooring in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg, and in Spain, England and Denmark. Internationally, we are the market leader in this and other industrial floor coatings, so you can expect the best quality.

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