Applications of our coatings

Where are our coatings applied?

Mesa Coatings wall and floor coatings can be applied in a very versatile way, both for new construction and renovation. Depending on the situation, the purpose and the requirements of the customer, we will look for a suitable solution with you. Below you will find a selection of our Mesa Epox and MesaCon coated floors and walls divided by sector. We supply: quartz carpet floors, trowel floors , epoxy floors and cast floors. Together with wall coating and synthetic skirting boards, sustainable, hygienic and easily maintained rooms are created for every type of business. If you want to know more about the different applications of our coatings, please leave your details so that we can contact you.

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Mesa Coatings coating systems can be used in any sector

Coating systems for the agricultural sector

Synthetic coating solutions are increasingly used in the agricultural sector. The main reason for this is the hygienic properties of the coated floors. The coating systems are used for feeding troughs, milking carousel, tank room, hygiene lock. We offer coating systems for Poultry farming, Cattle farming, Pig farming, Goat farming, etc..

Coating systems for the automotive industry

The use of synthetic floors – and especially a coated floor – is increasingly used in the automotive industry. These are floors that are very resistant to the heavy mechanical loads of vehicles, and can also withstand the many types of liquids and are easy to clean.

Coating systems for the food industry

Clean floors are essential for the food industry. Where food is processed or produced, it must be hygienic and if something falls, it often lands on the floor. This makes floors the most difficult places within a company to keep clean. Because there are strict requirements for the food sector regarding cleanliness, it is important that a floor is easy to maintain. After all, an easy to clean floor leads to fewer working hours and improved hygiene. Below are some examples about floor coating applications in certain sectors of the food industry.

Kunststofvloeren zijn duurzaam, onderhoudsvriendelijk en voor elke type bedrijf beschikbaar

Coating systems for the industrial sector

A clean work floor is important in the industrial sector. Not only to work in a more organised way, but the right floor also saves costs in the work process. Quality floors prevent damage to the floor, which postpones renovation. In addition, a smooth floor is better to keep clean, which leads to fewer working hours and a higher job satisfaction. The right choice of synthetic floor will give your company a better appearance.

Coating systems for Retail & Office

A sleek floor at the office contributes to the job satisfaction and appearance of your company. Quality flooring from Mesa Coatings is available in many varieties, so your requirements can always be met. The right choice of floor ultimately results in a cost saving on the work process. Mesa Coatings employees will help you choose the right floor.