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Coatings for cattle farms

Curious about our coatings for cattle farms? An excellent choice for effectively reducing infection pressure. Suitable for the feeding alley or the feeding trough, for preventing adverse effects of the current floor affecting your animals.

Specialised in coated floors

We are specialised in coated floors and in wall coatings. Both for new construction and renovation, always of the highest possible quality. We work on solutions for young livestock stalls, milking stalls and cubicle stalls. We assess the current situation and prevent problems that may arise. Choose a feeding trough, milking parlour or robot room with our coating. Available with non-slip surface, for safe use.

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Suitable for mechanical and chemical uses

Our coatings for cattle farming offer several important advantages. You can immediately rely on a high mechanical and chemical load capacity, unlike with a standard floor. With intensive use there is significant wear, which doesn’t happen with our coatings.

The synthetic floors for cattle farms are very suitable for use in the milking parlour, the technical room or the engine room. Would you like to coat the feeding trough or feed alley? Perfect for use in these places and many different locations.

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Benefits of our floors

groen vinkje Durable

groen vinkje Resistant to chemicals

groen vinkje Placed seamlessly

groen vinkje Antislip

groen vinkje Quickly installed

All benefits at a glance

heavy duty

Heavy duty

Suitable for heavy loads



Resistant to liquids

anti statisch


Has an antistatic effect



Non-slip top layer is available

chemisch bestendig

Chemical resistant

Resistant to chemical substances

uv bestendig

UV resistant

No discolouration due to UV radiation

hitte bestendig

Heat resistant

Resistant to high temperatures

snel gelegd

Quickly installed

Usable within 1 day

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The Mesa Coatings employees are experts in the field of coating systems. Do you want advice on installing a coating floor for your company? Our employees are happy to help you.

Coating floor tailored to your business

You can choose from different types of floor coatings for cattle farming. You can use a cast floor or an epoxy-floor. And the best thing about it? We can apply the coating in between milking. This means you can use the floor again straight away. 100% acid resistant and hard-wearing, so you will immediately notice the improvement on the current floor.

In addition, we can provide the coatings for cattle farming with a non-slip finish. You will improve the floor with important advantageous properties while at the same time improving safety. You ensure a higher feed intake and higher milk yield, in a safe environment where the cattle contribute to better economic results. And would you prefer to use an epoxy wall coating? You have come to the right place.

Acid-resistant for the feed alley or feeding trough

Coating for cattle farming is available for the feeding alley and the feeding trough, so that you can use it in more ways than one. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities and we can tell you more about the benefits for your company. Compared to the current floor or when you’re thinking of a new construction. We are happy to be of service with a coated floor, based on the highest possible quality.

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