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Specialist in synthetic floor and wall systems for every company.

Mesa Coatings is an internationally operating company located in Bladel. Mesa Coatings is the number one specialist in synthetic floor and wall systems for the B2B market. Thanks to our specialists and years of experience, we can supply high-quality coating systems. Mesa Coatings is able to provide industrial flooring of up to 2000 m² with a high-quality mesa floor or wall system in 1 day.

We operate in several countries

Mesa Coatings currently operates in various countries such as: the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg and we have completed projects in America, France, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland and England. In the coming years we will focus on further internationalisation of Mesa Coatings by opening branches in Europe.


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High-quality floor systems for every industry.

We deliver sustainable floor and wall systems for every industry. Our coatings are specific to your industrial flooring and suitable for a wide range of applications. We have a suitable solution for every sector. We have specific solutions for the automotive sector that, thanks to the impermeability and mechanical resistance, perform very well in this sector. In addition, we have very specific solutions for industry, (non) food, leisure & hospitality and the agricultural sector. We help you to choose the floor or wall coating you will be using for years to come.

Demonstrably the best solutions

Our coating systems are specially designed to serve the demand of all kinds of industries, which is why our solutions are so widely applicable. We supply around 1000 coating systems per year for a wide range of industries, from car washes to industrial buildings. Our products are extensively tested by our own R&D team. They are continually working on perfecting our Mesa systems, this is a continuous process. This means we are always up-to-date with the latest trends and developments within our industry. Our coating systems are therefore imitated by colleagues with varying degrees of success. We consider this a compliment!

High-quality floor systems

We have been the specialist in floor and wall coatings for companies for years

With many years of experience and more than 5000 successful projects completed, we can say that we are specialists in the field of floor and wall coatings. There is a reason our customers rate us 8.5 out of 10, and we are proud of this!

Mesa HyCo

Mesa HyCo is a part of Mesa Coatings but entirely focused on the agricultural sector. We have chosen a selection of high-quality coating systems that have been specially developed for professional livestock farming. It is very important for companies in the agricultural sector that the risk of outbreaks of infections and diseases is minimised. Our floor and wall coatings certainly contribute to this. Our floor and wall systems ensure a reduction in bacterial load and a reduction of pathogenic organisms and our coatings are chemically resistant.

Mesa Toppers

Ons team bestaat uit 13 vaste medewerkers en meer dan 45 aannemers. Stuk voor stuk zorgen zij ervoor dat wij de beste vloer- en wandcoatings kunnen realiseren.Onze werknemers beschikken over de juiste kennis en de drive die er nodig is om de beste vloer- en wandcoatings aan te bieden.

Mesa Coatings stands for:

Innovation: Our coatings are continuously perfected by our R&D team.
Durable: We are committed to long-lasting customer relationships and coatings.
Hygiene: We help improve your business hygiene.