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Coatings for the canteen

In the canteen of a company it is important to have a beautiful and hygienic floor. This allows your staff to take a break in a clean environment. A professional look and an easy to maintain floor that is also durable in quality. Thanks to our large range of floor and wall systems, we can always meet your needs. If you have any questions or want more information about Coatings for the canteen, please contact us.

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Low maintenance and seamless cantine floor

Mesa Coatings offers many options for synthetic floors. Depending on your requirements, a top layer is applied to ensure that dust, dirt and liquids remain on the surface of the floor. It can be easily cleaned and has no chance to seep into the floor and cause stains. Thanks to this low maintenance way of working, the cleaning time is reduced and your canteen remains hygienic and well-maintained.

In addition, coated floors are applied seamlessly by our specialists. The advantage over tiles is that there are no seams and dirt can’t settle or accumulate here. Another advantage of this sustainable system is that there are no thresholds or elevations. This makes your canteen easy to set up and is easily workable. The seamless top layer creates a tight appearance that gives your canteen a professional appearance. Properties of the floors are low maintenance, dust-free, waterproof, scratch-resistant and hard-wearing.

Mesa Coating quality floors prevent damage, so that every floor can last for years. The floors are available in different colours and are ready for use immediately after installation. Renovation therefore takes little time, so that your work does not have to be put on hold.

Skirting board coating is also available. This is installed at a 45-degree angle so that no dirt or dust can settle here and the floor seamlessly overflows into the wall.

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The Mesa Fast cast floor has not only a top layer of resin, but is made up of several layers of epoxy.

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