Conscious feeding with our unique feeding trough coating

An excellent choice, for more feed intake, less residual food, more milk yield, and a higher economic result!

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Conscious feeding the unique smoothing system

Back in 2013, Mesa Coatings introduced the unique MesaCon smoothing system for goat farming without the need to clean with water before coating can be applied.

Thanks to this special application method, we are able to completely renovate a feeding trough within a few hours so that feed retains its flavour and maintains its quality and taste.

More feed intake = less residual feed = more milk yield = more economic result

Many goat farms in the Netherlands and Belgium are now equipped with a high quality system that pays off from day one. We have a special team that specialises in this work where the peace in the barn is maintained and the goats can be fed again after a few hours. The work is coordinated in agreement with the customer. If you are interested in increasing your economic result, please contact us directly:

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Applying feeding trough coating
Conscious feeding

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