Quartz carpet floors for a stylish and durable commercial floor

An excellent choice, for a sustainable floor with a modern look.

Quartz carpet floors

Are you looking for a stylish and durable commercial floor? Then the quartz carpet floor, also called a pebble floor, might be something for you. This seamless floor coating consists of coloured or un-coloured quartz grains mixed with PU or Epoxy resin. Because a quartz carpet floor can be supplied in almost every RAL colour and has a warm appearance, it can be used in any type of company interior. Whether it should be modern, trendy or industrial.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a quartz carpet floor

The durability of the quartz carpet floor is comparable to that of a tile, it has good UV resistance and can be used in places where there is a lot of sunlight. Because decorative gravel can be applied to almost all surfaces and has a seamless finish, it is very versatile. Finally, this coated floor is suitable for every situation with high aesthetic requirements. The quartz carpet floor is less suitable for situations where a certain degree of mechanical (up to 20N / mm2) or chemical load is required

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Quartz carpet floors in a wine shop

Quartz carpet floor retail

Quartz carpet floors in a bicycle shop

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Quartz carpet floors in a pattern

Quartz carpet pattern

Open and closed structure

An open structure of quartz carpet floor does not have a sealed finish (gel sealing). This means that the floor has numerous pores that fill with air and a pleasantly warm and soft feeling when walked over. The dust also falls between poreswhich prevents it from flying around and can easily be hoovered up. However, this is less suitable for rooms where the floor has certain hygiene or safety requirements.

Sealing for more hygiene

To increase these hygienic properties the quartz carpet floor can be sealed. This keeps liquids and dirt on the surface of the floor coating and does not get stuck between the pores. Which makes it even easier to clean the floor. And the pebbles remain in place and are not flattened like regular carpet. As a result, dust is easily hoovered up in the open and closed structure.

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