Liquidproof floor gas station

The professional and a safe choice

100% liquidproof and with a non-slip finish

A coating system for your car wash or petrol station, suitable for the floor, skirting and even the walls. A 100% liquidproof solution that we can also provide with a non-slip layer. A safe choice for your floor, which is resistant to chemicals, alkalis and oils.

You can install a coated floor for your petrol pump or petrol station completely seamlessly and within just one day. Avoid having to close for a long time, while still being able to count on the highest possible quality by the market leader in this segment.

Floor coating for petrol pumps

Our floor coatings are especially suitable for petrol pumps. We are the market leader in the Benelux and can install sustainable floors, skirting boards and walls. We offer tailor-made solutions for the various areas of a petrol station, for example:

  • The car wash, wash bays, truck wash
  • The petrol pump, car vacuum area
  • The petrol station shop
  • Service station kitchen and restaurant

Curious about how a synthetic floor system for your petrol station is an excellent choice? Contact us, our specialists will happily tell you about it.

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Years of experience: market leader for petrol pumps

We have years of experience with coated floors for petrol pumps, car washes and petrol station shops. We can apply a synthetic coating to both the floor, the skirting boards and the walls. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and international experience, we can provide you with excellent tailor-made advice. In addition, we are continuously working on the further development of our plastic coatings.

Market leader in the Benelux

We are the market leader in the Benelux and also work in the rest of Europe for various customers. From our head office in Bladel we work continuously on the development of new applications and high-quality solutions in the R&D department. Our enormous practical experience and in-depth knowledge of coated floors is the ideal combination to be able to provide you with a tailor-made service.

Coated floor for your petrol pump: discover it in the app

Curious about the advantages of a floor coating for your petrol pump, car wash or petrol station shop? Download the app and get inspired with the projects we recently delivered at comparable companies.

Mesa Coatings App
Heavy duty

Heavy duty

Suitable for heavy loads


Resistant to liquids


Less bacteria build-up
UV resistant

UV resistant

No discolouration due to UV radiation


Non-slip top layer is available
Chemical resistant

Chemical resistant

Resistant to chemical substitutions
Heat resistant

Heat resistant

Resistant to liquids
Quickly installed

Quickly installed

Usable within a few hours

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6 advantages for petrol stations

A floor coating for your petrol station or car wash is a high quality choice.
Meet the strict guidelines and benefit from 6 important advantages:

Chemical resistant

Extremely resistant to chemicals. The floor coating retains its quality and unique properties, even with regular intensive cleaning.

Suitable for mechanichal loading

Immediately ready for mechanically loading, for example with cars, trailers and even trucks. The coating can withstand large mechanical forces.

Quickly installed

Installed within 1 day, so your petrol pump, car wash and shop do not have to be closed for long. Immediately use the high-quality floor coating.


Easy to clean thoroughly, thanks to the seamless coated floor. Without edges where dirt can accumulate.


A safe choice thanks to a non-slip surface. Even with a wet floor, slipping is no longer a significant risk.


A 100% liquid-tight floor. Comply with the strict guidelines and prevent liquids from penetrating into the soil.

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