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If you are considering installing a (new) commercial floor, you should consider different aspects. For example, sustainability, cleaning, hygiene and of course the appearance. A nice option for a commercial floor is a trowel floor. A trowel floor is an attractive floor, which can be used in various places. Very practical!
The basis of trowel floors consists of PMMA resin and fine gravel. The resin binds the fine gravel together, as it were. A sealer is applied over the trowel mass – as this mixture is called. This ensures that the trowel floor is completely closed for liquids and dirt. A trowel floor can be applied to different surfaces.

Installing a trowel floor yourself: easy or not so easy?

Installing a trowel floor yourself is done in a number of steps. First, a good and clean surface is of great importance. If the subfloor is not clean, the trowel does not adhere well. Therefore start by sanding and cleaning the subfloor. Then apply a good adhesive primer and allow it to dry for about 24 hours before continuing. After that, the challenging part of a trowel floor begins: the application of the intermediate layer: the trowel mass. It must be applied by hand and finished off very evenly. Then a sealer can be applied over the top, which will provide extra protection. Because of the quick-acting resins, the floor is completely cured and ready for use within 2 hours. The big advantage of the trowel floor is that it can be carried out in one day (up to 1,500 m2).

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Where are trowel floors installed

Because a trowel floor is a very versatile floor, available in many varieties and for many purposes, it is used as such. Because of the easy maintenance and the seamless structure, you may encounter the trowel floor as a commercial floor in:

Trowel floor for industry


Trowel floor for the catering sector


Trowel floor for the foodsector

Food sector

Trowel floor for the office space


Trowel floor for automotive sector


Trowel floor for other sectors

Other sectors

The advantages of a trowel floor

Because the top layer is sealed with a gel layer, dirt or liquid can not penetrate into Trowel floors, making it a low maintenance floor that also has a high chemical resistance. Furthermore, epoxy resin is twice as strong as concrete, which results in a high mechanical load-bearing capacity and can be installed seamlessly. Installing this seamlessly contributes to easy cleaning of the floor as well as its appearance. Large open spaces will look sleek, and it’s also possible to install the trowel floor on an entire floor of an office building with severla rooms, for example.

Some advantages

Heavy duty

Heavy duty

Suitable for heavy loads
Chemically resistant

Chemically resistant

Resistant to chemical substances
Liquid proof

Liquid proof

Resistant to liquids


Less bacteria build-up

Trowel floor: experience in different industries

What is it like to have a trowel floor? Experience shows that different industries make use of it, because it is such a versatile type of floor. The different finishes offer the possibility to make different varieties, to be used for various purposes. This floor is very polpular in the agricultural sector, with (livestock) farmers. Trowel floors are mainly installed for workspaces with machines. After all, such a floor ensures a clean, dry and hygienic, easy to clean environment. Trowel floors are also used frequently in computer rooms because they prevent dust from accumulating on, for example, servers and racks. This prevents problems.

Trowel floors

Trowel floor agricultural company

application of a trowel floor

Trowel floor cattle farming

Trowel floor for the agricultural sector

Trowel floor computer room

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