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Install a cast floor as a commercial floor

Are you thinking about installing a new floor in your company? Consider a cast floor. This is a practical, cost-effective floor that is also very easy to clean and maintain. In addition, a cast floor is very durable, which means that you will enjoy it for a very long time, provided it has been installed correctly.

Various Cast floors

Cast floors are in principle suitable for almost any type of commercial floor. There are different types of cast floors. The three most common types are cement-based, epoxy and polyurethane (or PU) cast floor. The floors can be applied in different layers and as a result there is not one fixed standard cast floor of Epoxy or PU, but many variations are available. Depending on your requirements of the floor, we will advise and create the right floor.

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Epoxy Cast Floor

The epoxy version is one of the two types of Mesa Coatings synthetic cast floors. Epoxy has a naturally high gloss appearance, but it is also available in a mate finish. Partly due to the high mechanical and chemical load capacity, epoxy cast floors are very suitable for industrial applications. You will frequently find these
synthetic floors in:

Epoxy is twice as hard as concrete and pores are closed, which means that the floor is hard-wearing, low maintenance, liquidproof and moisture-resistant. It is possible to mix colours, so the floor can be supplied in countless different colours.

Advantages of epoxy

It has been known for a long time that epoxy-based floors have extremely hard properties. This type of floor has been used for a long time in, for example, the aircraft industry and machine building. Epoxy screed floors are twice as strong as concrete and it is also very light. Like most coated floors, the epoxy floor is also very easy to keep clean. This type of floor is particularly suitable for use in, for example, butchers or other companies in the food sector.

Installing an epoxy floor

Special knowledge is required to install an epoxy floor. An epoxy floor consists of several chemical components which need to be mixed in the right proportion to achieve the desired result. It is also important that the surface is properly prepared before the new floor is installed. This can be done with a primer or by blasting or sanding the floor (dust free) to ensure the adhesion of the new floor. This depends, of course, on the type of subfloor. Mesa Coatings has qualified personnel for fitting your new business floor.

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PU Cast floor

A polyurethane cast floor is the second type of synthetic floor by Mesa Coatings. The PU Cast Floor is a tough-elastic floor and less hard than the epoxy cast floor, making it less suitable for heavy mechanical loads. However, this ‘softer’ surface is more comfortable and suitable for light to medium heavy loads. PU is also available in many different colours, just like the epoxy cast floor, and is pore-tight, making it easy to clean. Finally, the floor is crack-bridging due to its elasticity of tear, seamless and has a high abrasion and scratch resistance. This makes the PU floor is a very suitable floor for:

  • shopping centres and shops
  • office buildings
  • showrooms for car dealers

Advantages PU Cast Floor

The PU cast floor is installed seamlessly and liquidproof. This tough-elastic floor can also be applied to unstable surfaces such as a wooden subfloor. The “elastic” PU cast floor is sound-absorbing and comfortable. Another advantage is that the PU casting floor is not susceptible to cracking. The floor is available in different RAL colours.

Cement-based cast floor

The cement-based cast floor is also called concrete or screed. It is a hard floor that is suitable as a substrate or to level out a floor. However, cement-bound cast floors do not absorb ‘impact’ of the substrate, are available in few colours and are not pore-tight, which leads to staining. Due in part to these reasons, it is not possible to have a cement-based cast floor applied by Mesa Coatings. It is possible, however, to pour the cement-based cast floor, after which Mesa Coatings BV will apply a floor coating on top of it.

Underfloor heating

A question we often get at Mesa Coatings, expert in the installation of cast floors, is how the combination of a cast floor and underfloor heating works. After all, a warm floor is quite pleasant, especially in an office or retail space. We can reassure everyone: a cast floor is the ideal floor in combination with underfloor heating!

The combination of cast floor and underfloor heating is ideal, because it can be installed in one go, with both hard and soft floors. This makes it much more economical than when the underfloor heating has to be installed afterwards. The cast floor also provides a very good guide, so that the heat can be felt and isn’t wasted.

Do it yourself or not?

There is another question that often comes up when it comes to a cast floor. Do it yourself or not? Installing cast floors seems very simple, so many people want to try it themselves. It would make considerable savings on costs. Good preparation is very important here. Choose high-quality materials and allow sufficient time for drying.

For a perfect end result, it is very important that the floors to be treated – including the subfloor – are completely level. Each layer must be level, so that it forms a good base for the next layer. Always work very carefully and accurately; removing a cast floor is not very easy!


Does a cast floor have disadvantages? That depends on the application and of course on the user. Cast floors are very sleek, so everything is visible when the light shines on it. This can be experienced as a disadvantage. Cast floors are made in one piece. This means that the floor can tear at the moment that there is a crack in the floor beneath it.

The fact that it consists of one piece can also be seen as one of the disadvantages, especially if you want to install it yourself. It means that you have to work very accurately and that it is important to finish the floor per layer. Certainly on larger surfaces this can mean that the job is not so easy to do without professional help. Getting help is often better.

Cast floors: price and quotation

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