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Do you want to coat a commercial floor?

A commercial floor must meet several specific requirements. This makes it a completely different type of floor than a floor in a house for example. A commercial floor must be sturdy and resistant to the weight of heavy commercial vehicles. This doesn’t only apply to the floor itself, but also to the coating applied to the floor.

Specific coating for every sector

A good, solid commercial floor can therefore best be coated with a professional floor coating. A sustainable coating system that is made specifically for your industrial sector. Very different requirements apply for the automotive sector – in which substances such as oil can be released – in fact, different requirements apply for the agricultural sector.

What does an industrial floor cost per m2?

The best way to discover what a plastic commercial floor costs per m2 is by simply requesting a quote from Mesa Coatings. This can easily be done via the website.

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Floors for companies

Plastic company floors are widely used at the following companies:

Self-leveling floor for industry


Have a company floor installed in a warehouse with heavy vehicles or other industrial environment? Well suited, thanks to the high mechanical load capacity.

Self-leveling floor for the catering sector

Catering industry

Work hygienically, high-quality and completely safe, for example thanks to the anti-slip finish. Especially for environments where hard work and a lot of movement takes place
Self-leveling floor for the food sector

Food sector

Do you meet the strict HACCP requirements with a floor that you can easily clean? 100% hygienic and easy to keep clean with limited daily use.
Self-leveling floors for office space


The easy to clean and durable choice for offices and similar environments. Does not discolour, thanks to the high UV resistance of the epoxy cast floor.
Self-leveling floors for the automotive sector


Completely liquid-tight, ideal choice in the workshop or car wash. Commercial floor especially for the automotive industry, according to all important guidelines that apply.

Self-leveling floor for the other sector

Other sectors

Can be used in many other sectors. Curious about the possibilities? Contact us and our specialists will be happy to tell you more.

Company floor for every application

Of course there are many more applications for which our coatings are used. This includes coating for a feeding trough, swimming pool coating, coatings for zoos or a coating in a container. Do you have any other questions, for example regarding what would best suit your company? We are also happy to help you with that. Would you rather speak directly to one of our experts? Then you can always contact us by phone or email.

Some benefits

Heavy duty

Heavy duty

Suitable for heavy loads
Chemically resistant

Chemically resistant

Resistant to chemical substitutions


Resistant to liquids


Less bacteria build-up

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