Apply coating to the warehouse?

The ideal choice for your floor, thanks to the high quality and durability

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Coatings for the warehouse

Do you want to apply coating for the warehouse? The ideal choice for making a concrete floor liquidproof. Easy to clean. And the best choice to prevent harmful substances from disappearing into the soil.

The ideal choice for every warehouse

We help to ensure that you are compliant with the laws and regulations. And we are happy to provide a floor you don’t have to worry about thanks to its durabilty. The ideal choice for the warehouse, so you can store the important stocks and other items. On a floor that can handle the load. And we can install it in 1 day, so you won’t have to put the work on hold for too long.

Have the warehouse coating installed

We can install the warehouse coating floor for you. A durable and low-maintenance floor, available in various colours and designs. Tailored to the way you will be using it. Want to know more about the possibilities? Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about it.

We will call you

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installation: within 1 day

We have a lot of experience in applying coatings for warehouses, so we know better than anyone how to do this as efficiently as possible. Just within 1 day, after which the floor is immediately usuable again. This means that the work doesn’t or hardly comes to a halt. We are happy to discuss this so that the work can continue and meanwhile we will make sure we install the floor as required.

It is an important strength from our position as market leader, based on extensive experience. We liquidproof a concrete floor, which is heavily mechanically and chemically exposed. And we can provide the floor in various colours and designs, always tailored to the way you will be using it.

Tip: prevent a slippery floor? We provide a non-slip finish. You will be working on a safe floor, which is liquidproof and has a number of other advantages.

Benefits of warehouse coating

Easy to clean

Quickly installed

Ready to use after 1 hour

Heavy duty

All benefits at a glance

heavy duty

Heavy duty

Suitable for heavy loads



Resistant to liquids

anti statisch


Has an antistatic effect



Non-slip top layer is available

chemisch bestendig

Chemical resistant

Resistant to chemical substances

uv bestendig

UV resistant

No discolouration due to UV radiation

hitte bestendig

Hitte bestendig

Bestand tegen hoge temperaturen

snel gelegd

Quickly installed

Usable within 1 day

Contact us for questions or expert advice

The Mesa Coatings employees are experts in the field of coating systems. Do you want advice on installing a coating floor for your company? Our employees are happy to help you.

Liquidproof concrete floor

We apply a liquidproof concrete floor when we work on a coated floor in the warehouse. The big advantage is that liquids don’t get a chance to penetrate into the floor. So you will comply with laws and regulations or make cleaning a lot easier.

We use an epoxy coating or provide a nice trowel floor. The right choice for high quality, we will be happy to advise you. We do this in warehouses and in car parks. We would like to show you examples of coated floors we have applied, so that we can clearly explain the possibilities.