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Car wash floor to prevent familiar floor problems

Floor problems in your truck or car wash? And is not it clear where they come from? A familiar story, fortunately with a solution. It is mostly chemicals in cleaning agents that, in combination with a poor surface, lead to problems. The result is damage to the floor, for example due to bacteria that accumulate in tile floors or open concrete. The solution? A car wash floor from Mesa Coatings. We developed the MesaCon 6000 floor system, especially for truck and car washes.

What is the MesaCon 6000 floor system?

The MesaCon 6000 floor system consists of adhesive primers, intermediate coats, granules and a sealer. Together these seal the surface 100%. Bacteria, liquids, acids and dirt can not accumulate there. The floor is therefore chemically resistant and at the same time suitable for high mechanical pressure and even long-lasting UV radiation. For a car wash floor that maintains its colour and offers maximum durability.

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Applications of our car wash floor

Our car wash floor is ideal for your car wash. In addition, a number of other applications are possible. For example, we work on truck wash locations, as well as wash bays and complete car washes. Do you have a car rental company with a washing box? You will be making an excellent choice.

Solutions for petrol stations

Petrol stations use our car wash floor for the washing box or car wash. In addition, we can be of service to you with your other floors and walls. We provide a HACCP-certified shop and restaurant floor, so that the floor coating meets the important guidelines and rules. And we can install the floor in one evening, so that you won’t have to close during the day. Would you like to know more about our coatings for car washes or specifically the car wash floor we can install for you? Contact us, our specialists will gladly tell you more about it.

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The 7 major benefits

With non-slip finish

Easy to maintain

Completely liquidproof

Chemisch bestendig

Very durable

Suitable for heavy duty use

Ready in 1 day

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All benefits at a glance

Quickly installed

Usable within 1 day


Resistant to liquids


Has an antistatic effect


Non-slip top layer is available

Chemical resistant

Resistant to chemical substitutions

UV resistant

No discolouration due to UV radiation

Heat resistant

Resistant to high temperatures


Easy to clean and disinfect

Application of the car wash floor

We have a lot of experience with applying car wash coatings. This means we can clearly tell you in advance how it works and what is involved. We would like to show you how we can ensure that you can quickly resume work. And how we guarantee that the floor is low-maintenance and you can use it in a sustainable way. Even with intensive use, so you no longer have to worry about it.

This makes the coating of your car wash an excellent choice. And thanks to the choice in colours, we can provide an inviting floor or floor in accordance with the colours of your house style. The ideal combination of important elements, which you will see in the coating we apply for you.

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